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Welcome to the Pre-Alpha version of FASTER THAN DEATH !

Play as a robot sent into a dark game show where you will have to run against time and use the different skills at your disposal to keep your speed and not let your battery run out. 


To run the fastest possible and keep momentum you will be able to use different skills : jump, dash and a grappling hook. If you are not fast enough and time is running out, you will die and start from the beginning.

Between each levels, you can upgrade your skills and unlock new ones. You will have to face ennemis but they can’t kill you, only slow you down. 


The game is organised in levels themselves organised in rooms. The levels and rooms are chosen randomly from all the possible hand-crafted rooms ensuring the renewal of levels and games. If you are not fast enough and time is running out, you will die and start again from the beginning.


Move left-rightA-D (can be changed in the sttings menu)Left joystick
JumpSpaceA (Xbox) or X (Playstation)
DashLeft mouse clickRight Trigger
Grapplin hookRight mouse clickLeft Trigger


  • Programmation : Quentin De Capèle
  • Art, Animations, UI : Victor Lebrun
  • Game Design, Level Design : Firmin Rousseau
  • Music : Alexandre Destainville


If you liked the game or want to give us feedbacks you can join our discord server : https://discord.gg/QfcCWjQ

If you like to stay updated you can follow our twitter : https://twitter.com/GamesHaro

If you like to contact us, here is our email adress : harogames31@gmail.com


The game is still in development and a lot of things can change. 

Here's what we would like to implement in further versions :

  • In some levels there are also special rooms offering items. Therefore you will have to make a choice, will you try to get the item but loose some time or will you rush for the end.


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Faster Than Death - Windows - 1.7.1 54 MB
Faster Than Death - MacOS - 1.7.1 51 MB
Faster Than Death - Linux - 1.7.1 56 MB

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